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Drainage Systems and Water Seepage
Don’t let your seepage or bad water drainage problems cause structural damage to your property and undermine your investment. Expansion and contraction of the soil can cause large cracks in your slab, driveway, walkways or stucco. If water drainage problems are left un-attended it can cause you and your family severe health problems. If moisture is allowed to build up inside or outside your house for long periods of time, it can create a mosquito infestation or severe mold problems.
It’s true that southern California has an almost perfect weather climate, but did you know health problems like asthma, allergies or frequent cold like symptoms are caused by mold? Mold is a minute fungus that builds up or is created when there is an excessive amount of dampness or humidity. This in turn can cause an undesired smell of mildew inside your house. In about 90% of the cases the problem is created by poor or inadequate dirt grading (dirt graded towards the house instead of away from the house which allows for water to just sit there). In some cases the drainage pipe is too small, too old and / or in bad condition to take the seasonal rain water. Drains may be plugged up or ruptured due to a bad tree root systems, bad maintenance, or even worse there is no drainage system to take care of the excessive rain water.
If you are experiencing the smell of rotten water or moisture, see black or dark like blemishes at the bottom of your dry wall, or have noticed that garments in your closet or basement have mildew stains on them you definitely might have a mold problem and it is most likely being caused by excessive moisture build up, against your house. Be assured that C&L CONCRETE INC.  is ready to handle your problem. Due to our proximity to the Pacific Ocean the coastal area is known to experience these moisture problems.

Our 27 years of experience in the construction field has allowed C&L CONCRETE INC. to assist our coastal neighbors. For the past 20 years we’ve been able to assist many clients with their drainage needs, and we have often re-graded their back yards to allow for proper drainage and helped divert water to their existing drains. In other instances we have installed perforated French drain systems (Perforated drain pipe in a fabric sock incased in ¾” gravel to assist with their underground seepage problems). Others have chosen us to design and install their new solid pipe French drain systems to control their surface water problem.
C&L CONCRETE INC.’s well thought out drain systems have helped keep their backyard and play areas dry, and in many cases have helped our clients solve their moisture and mosquito problems. Last but not least, we have also installed channel drains in their new driveways, walkways, tennis court areas and lawn areas.
Be assured that C&L CONCRETE INC. can help you protect your property / house from water damage, shifting damage, and structural damage. This is often caused by expansion and contraction of the soil due to drainage failures.
C&L CONCRETE INC. invites you to take the time and browse through our drainage system picture gallery. Please allow us to help you solve all of your drainage needs. We look forward to doing business with you soon!

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