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C&L Concrete, Inc. provides a variety of concrete services for all your needs.

The commercial work opened  up doors of opportunity for the president of C&L CONCRETE INC at the beginning stages of his concrete career 27 years ago. It gave him the opportunity and the ability to enhance his extensive concrete knowledge and experience, in the preparation of: structural foundations, caissons, Grade beam footings, retaining CMU walls, Pour in place concrete walls, overhead concrete decks, water proofing, channel drain systems installations, over excavating, backfilling and compacting to proper soil report specifications     
C&L CONCRETE INC. stands for quality and professionalism.  We take the time to properly compact the soil, provide proper steel reinforcement combined with a high-strength concrete mix design. We also incorporate adequate control joint details and expansion paper or expansion foam into every project.
C&L CONCRETE INC. commercial work back ground has given us the ability to tackle your very complicated footing and grade beam steel details and extremely complicated foundation layouts, for many unique projects.
Our extensive structural and custom concrete flatwork knowledge has made us the #1 choice of many high end builders, Landscaping architects and structural engineers in La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe and all of the coastal area, for the past 15 years. 


Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete in its finished product, can be summed up as the fusion of various colors and textured patterns to create a work of art. Like an artist on canvas, you must first select your base color --this is usually integrated in the concrete mix design; and it’s also the one color which will stand out from the rest. Next you must choose 1 or more color releases that will compliment and give accent to the design, and consequently give it a marble or stone look.
C&L CONCRETE INC. is ready to assist you in the selection of a stamped concrete pattern, concrete finish and concrete color and design that best compliments your landscaping design, or help you enhance your existing hard scape design.
 Imprinting a stamped pattern on wet concrete can replicate marble, a natural stone look or a tile look, in your concrete design. We highly recommended that a concrete sealer be applied to any colored or stamped concrete; this will bring out the different color releases in your newly poured stamped concrete, and protect it from sun damage which could discolor it in the future. Over all a good concrete sealer will make it more wear resistant. Remember that you are the one who will get stuck with a beautiful master piece or a total eye sore of a project. Don’t settle for an unlicensed or an inexperienced person or contractor to handle your custom stamped concrete needs. We hope you enjoy the following stamped and colored concrete designs in our custom concrete picture gallery.

Check out our gallery of stamped concrete...


Exposed Aggregate Concrete 
An exposed aggregate concrete finish is  recommended on steep driveways, when a high amount of foot traction is needed or when you are looking for a rustic look, this type of finish can be acquired with a 3/8” pea gravel or 3/4” gravel integrated in the mix design. It can be done in color or standard gray concrete.  C&L CONCRETE INC. uses high quality and eco-friendly concrete retardants . The concrete finishing process combined with the right amount of  retardant (when done correctly) penetrates into the concrete surface allowing for about 1/8” to ¼” of the top of the concrete surface and sand layer to be removed, when the process is done properly it doesn’t weaken the strength of the concrete or the integrity of the concrete finish. A well poured walkway or driveway will reveal a uniform rough and rustic aggregate look.
This type of concrete finish is not recommended around pool decks or where oil or grease needs to be constantly cleaned up. It is also recommended that a concrete sealer be applied to maintain the integrity of the concrete. some examples of exposed aggregate...


Seeded Exposed Aggregate
A seeded exposed aggregate concrete finish can be acquired by literally hand seeding your choice of gravel or beach pebble into the concrete, while in its wet stage. Unlike standard exposed aggregate finish -which already has the rock integrated in the mix- this type of concrete finish can be done in color or standard color concrete; with your favorite color pebble, gravel or rock.
Since seeding gravel or pebble is very labor intense, driveways or walkway are usually poured in sections. Only the highest quality and eco-friendly concrete retardants are used by C&L CONCRETE INC.
This type of concrete finish process, allows for about 1/8” to ¼” of the top concrete surface and sand layer to be removed, thus not weakening the strength of the concrete or integrity of the concrete finish. If the finishing process is done properly it allows for the color rock or pebble (which was seeded into the wet concrete mix) to be revealed, Thus giving it a rough stone or smooth pebble look depending on the type of stone or gravel that was used.
This type of concrete finish is recommended around pool decks, walkways, driveways but its limited to areas where oil or grease needs to constantly be cleaned up, it is also recommended that a concrete sealer be applied to maintain the integrity of the concrete and color. See some examples of seeded concrete..


Color Concrete
If you are tired of patching and having to seal your asphalt driveway every year; tired of stepping in dirt and mud and carrying it into your house or have bad dirt stains in your stucco   because of rain water splashing dirt into it, color concrete is the perfect choice for you.
Pouring Concrete up against your house will give a clean look to your stucco, drive way, patios or walk ways. If stamped concrete patterns are not your best choice, C&L CONCRETE INC. can enhance the look of standard gray or colored concrete by incorporating some accent band, control joints and borders to give your project the appearance of detailed job.
Remember that whatever upgrade you make to your home will increase your home value or decrease it if you are the victim of poor craftsmanship.
 C&L CONCRETE INC. has held an accredited business status with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for the past 15 years and we have never had a complaint or a bad claim filed for bad workman ship. For this reason any work done by us will ensure the symbol of excellence which has characterized us throughout the years. I look forward to hearing from you and doing business with you or your company this year and in the years to come.

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